L.A Girl SMOKY Eyeshadow Palette

Hi guys…

Kali ini aku mau review LA Girl Smoky eye shadow palette. Aku beli ini dari salah satu online shop instagram @TWLcosmetics beberapa bulan lalu dengan harga 120K kalau ga salah, aku lupa. Aku belum pernah review palette ini di blog-ku sebelumnya, dan belum pernah review di IG juga, tapi pernah review di female daily.

Awalnya aku beli ini karena ‘katanya’ sih ini bagus, pigmented dan lain-lain. Intinya keracunan review orang, dan harganya murah. Jadilah iseng-iseng beli.

So, here’s come the review


Ini adalah penampakan dari eye shadow palette-nya. Packaging-nya terbuat dari bahan karton tebal. Satu hal yang aku ga suka dari sisi packaging-nya yaitu dia ga bisa nutup dengan rapat. Ga ada pengait, magnet atau apa gitu yang bisa nutup kemasannya secara benar. Solusinya: pakai solasi.


Dalam penutupnya ada kacanya, which is a plus point. It comes with dual ended brush-sponge tip applicator, I don’t know it was a good point or a bad point because I never use applicator that comes with a palette. I have my own eye shadow brush that has better quality than that.

There’s 12 colors in this palette that suppose to allow you to make a smoky look easily. The colors of the eye shadows is so pretty in the pan. BUT, it’s chalky, powdery, hard to blend, lack of pigmentation, it’s horrible. I tried it both with dry and wet brush, it still doesn’t work.

Here the swatches all of the eye shadows..


You can see how chalky it is. To get this color pay off, I have to rub my fingers hardly to the shadow. After  try this palette a couple times, I stop using it. The only shadow in this palette that i still use is the white shimmery shadow on the left. I use it as a highlight on my nose, it works well. The others, not so much. I try to use tat shadow on my cheek as a highlighter as well, but it doesn’t work. It just works on my nose. That’s the only reason I still keeping this palette.

Kalau mau beli eye shadow palette yang murah, produk lokal banyak kok yang bagus, Make Over, PAC, even Sari Ayu has way better quality than this palette.




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