The Battle of PINK

Hello guys..

Today I’m gonna talk about my pink lippies.

I love red lips, but pink lipstick is my go to color every day. Especially when you a little bit lazy to use makeup or you are in a rush, need color but feel red is a little too much.

So, here is my collection. I have nothing but drugstore brand, and 3 of them is local (Indonesian) brand.

20151125_115740 smaller

20151125_124347 small

L-R: Wardah Long lasting Lipstick 03 – NYX SMLC Antwerp – NYX SMLC San Paulo – NYX Round Lipstick Tea Rose – BourJois Rouge Edition 32 – Sari Ayu  Merak Kasmaran 2 – Wardah Long lasting Lipstick 07

Here is some swatches. I swear the wardah 07 is not a red lipstick. It is a fuschia lipstick, but in my lips and hand it look like red.

20151125_124055 small

Let’s talk about them one by one, and I gonna show you lip swatches. I have a dark lips, so the lipstick is darker on my lips that in anybody with fair lips.

bare lips
this is my bare lips look like

Wardah Long lasting Lipstick 03 – Simply Brown

Wardah is Indonesian makeup brand that has a really great product like skin care and makeup. I love their moisturizer and lipstick. Wardah long lasting lipstick 03 simply brown is a pink lipstick with a hint of brown. It’s really pretty and suitable for daily use. This lipstick is so pigmented and it is matte finish. One negative thing about this lipstick is easy to break because the packaging is so thin.

Wardah 03
Wardah 03 – Simply Brown

NYX SMLC Antwerp

Who doesn’t love Antwerp SMLC by NYX? I think everyone love this shade. It is really pretty. Soft pink that works for every event. I stay quite long in my lips. the texture is creamy, smells like cupcake, I love it so much. It is a little bit drying, but I always use a good amount of lip balm before apply this lip cream, so it’s not a big problem for me.

Nyx antwerp
NYX SMLC – Antwerp

NYX SMLC San Paulo

Beside Antwerp, I also love San Paulo. It is darker than Antwerp but not too dark so it is suitable for daily use, but it also great for evening event. I love this color a lot. Just like any othe NYX SMLC, it is drying on the lips. So, don’t forget to apply lip balm before use this lip cream.

Nyx san paulo
NYX SMLC – San Paulo

NYX Round Lipstick Tea Rose

This color is one of my most favorite color among all. The color is so soft but still give me color, and it doesn’t look pale on me. This is more like MLBB lipstick. The texture is so creamy and hydrating my lips. It is easy to transfer every where so it doesn’t stay long on my lips. But it doesn’t matter, I always bring my lipstick that I’m wearing that day to touch up.

Nyx tea rose
NYX Round Lipstick – Tea Rose

BourJois Rouge Edition 32

This lipstick is my least favorite among all. The texture is creamy and nice but the color doesn’t look good on me. It’s pink with blue/purple undertone. It look more frosty pink. I think this is will look better for somebody that has lighter skin and with cool undertone, which is not me. And this lipstick isn’t opaque enough to cover my dark lips. I have to glide it on multiple times to get this intense color and it is not that build able, so when you layer this, it drag the layer underneath it. It kinda hard to see in the picture, bu it is patchy in real life. I’m not recommended this product.

Bourjois – Rose Vanity


Sari Ayu Merak Kasmaran 2

Sari Ayu is another Indonesian brand. They are famous with their skin care which is really great and their makeup also great too. This merak kasmaran is their 2009 color collection (they have different color collection every year). I got their merak kasmaran 2 which is pink purple-ish color. It smells like mango bubble gum in my opinion. I can’t describe the texture of this lipstick. It isn’t creamy and matte, the lipstick bullet is dry, but when you glide it on your lips, it has glossy/oily texture.It is sheen on the beginning but it is build able. The tips to build up this lippie is glide one layer on your lips, take a tissue, blot the excess oil on the lips and on the lipstick bullet, and then put the second layer. Do the step over and over until you got the perfect opacity that you want.

Sari ayu
Sari Ayu – Merak Kasmaran 2

Wardah Long lasting Lipstick 07

I  know this look like red lipstick, but it is not. The color is fuschia. But its is look red in my lips. It is because I have darker lips. This lipstick is so pigmented and it is matte finish. I use it when I want something bold but not red. I like to use it in evening event.

Wardah 07
Wardah 07 – Raspberry Chic

So,  between all my pink lipstick, my most favorite one is the Tea Rose by NYX, and also simply brown by Wardah and Antwerp by NYX.

My least favorite one is Bourjois Rose Vanity.

I definitely gonna buy more lipstick in the future. If you have some suggestion for pink that suitable for my medium skin tone with warm undertone, drugstore or high end brand, please tell me on the comment below. I really love to try it.



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