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Hi Guys,

It’s been a while since my last post. A lot of things happened in this couple weeks. I broke my phone and struggled to fix it. And Thank God now it fixed. And I got stuffs to do in this couple weeks. And now, I got my time back.

Beside all the trouble, I bought new stuffs, and I gonna share all of that with you.


Wet & Wild Megalast Lipstick

I always want to have dark bold lipstick, especially now in fall season which dark lippie is trending again. I have an eye for MAC DIVA and SMOKY PURPLE for a long time, but still not buy them because MAC is not cheap, and I don’t want to spend a lot of money to buy lipsticks that I rarely use. So, I try to find dupes for them. And I found out that Wet & Wild has a lot of dupes for MAC lipsticks, so I decided to buy Cherry Bomb as a dupe for DIVA and Vamp it up as dupe for Smoky Purple.

L-R: Cherry Bomb – Vamp it Up

I got this online for IDR 60K each. In supermarket it more pricey, around IDR 80-85K. I love this lipsticks. They stay on my lips for quite long time, well except when I eat something oily. They leave stain on my lips and fade out beautifully, It not clumpy. I love them.

My favorite one is the cherry bomb, because it is wearable for daily use. I can leave my house just wear eyebrow pencil, mascara and this lipstick, and I got complete look. The vamp it up one is pretty too. But, because my lip is already dark, so the vamp it up looks black in my lips. I think it better use only on special occasion.

I’m wearing Cherry Bomb

Wet & Wild Comfort Zone Palette

Up: left side; Bottom: Right side

I’ve been wanting this eye shadow palette since last year, but never actually buy it until 2 weeks ago. At super market this eye shadow palette will cost me around IDR 190K, it is cheaper online, but wet & wild  didn’t have the most secure packaging, so it  kinda scary to buy it online. And 2 weeks ago I go to century (drugstore) and they having sale for most of their product, and they sell this palette for only IDR 150K, of course I have to buy it.

You don’t have to ask about the quality of the shadow, it is gorgeous. They are so soft, super pigmented, it is powder shadow but it feels almost like cream shadow. My favorite color is the definer on the green side. It actually a duochrome eye shadow. It is a combination between blue and brown color, It is beautiful.

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream

I watched one of Lisa Eldridge YouTube video, and she said good things about this product, and I’m avoiding foundation and thick BB cream right now. I want something light but still give me cover and correction.

I bought it at sephora for around IDR 120K. There’s only 2 shades available there, 33 and 34. And the BA said 33 will suits me better than 34. I try both shades in my skin and 34 is make my skin look dark and dull, so I go with no 33 Rose Beige.

I blend some cc cream in the left-bottom picture and it blend beautyfully

I tried this cc cream once, and I kinda like it. Its lightweight, give me color but not coverage, I still can see my under eye dark circle and dark spot, I have to use concealer to hide it, but so far I like it. It has a dewy finish, I prefer matte finish but I can use powder to eliminate the shine.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet


I want to try bourjois lip product since my last bourjois matte lipstick didn’t work for me and I have to gave it to my friend. So, I try the liquid lipstick one. People rave about it, I want to know, is it worth the hype or not. The shade that I want is sold out, so I pick shade no 3 Hot Pepper. It look coral red on the bottle.

I tried it once. It looks pretty actually, a little bit similar to my nyx smlc Amsterdam, but little more orange. The cream itself quite thin, but not pigmented enough in my opinion. I use 2 coats and still able see my lip color underneath it. And I still feel it in my lips. The nyx one feel thicker as liquid but when it stays on my lips, it feels like nothing, like I wear no lipstick.

E.L.F Studio Face Palette

I bought 3 face palette from E.L.F. Contouring palette, bronzer palette and blush palette. I got all of this palette online for IDR 130K/each.

L-R: Upper Left Clockwise

This is the bronzer palette. It contains 4 shades bronzer. The texture is a little bit powdery, but I’m OK with that. The color look like it isn’t pigmented, but for daily use, it is wearable. I mean, when it comes to daily use bronzer, you don’t need a really crazy dark looking bronzer, you just need a little touch of color to look like you are healthy and get enough sun. I use it multiple time, I use the lightest color as a blush, the warmest one for bronzing on my forehead, and the darkest one as a contour on my cheek, it look so good and natural. Not too dramatic, but still good.

L-R: Upper Left Clockwise

This is the blush palette. It available in 2 shades, Light and Dark. I got the Light one. This blush is amazing, it is super pigmented. A little bit goes a long way. It is a little bit powdery but its fine. It comes with 3 matte blushes and 1 shimmery blush. The shimmery one is the coral pink (bottom right) one, it is very beautiful.

L-R: Upper right Clockwise

This is my favorite palette among all elf face palette that I bought. This contouring palette contains 1 bronzer, 1 white powder that you can use it as a highlight, 1 yellowish powder (I personally use it to set mu under eye concealer), and 1 cool tone brown powder as a contour product. I love the white powder a lot, it reflect shine without look crazy glowing. I use is as a highlight on my cheek and in my nose, and it look good. The yellowish powder is great to set my under eyes concealer, it gives a brighten effect that I need. For the bronze powder one, I prefer use one that comes in my bronzer palette. The contour color one is good.

This face palettes can be mixed together since you can push out the products, move it and place it in other palette. ELF has foundation palette that has similar packaging with this 3 items, and I heard that this year ELF launched they highlight palette, which I will buy it as soon as it available in Indonesia.

NYX Tinted Brow Mascara

I bought this because I want to try the give me brow by benefit but really don’t want to spend money on it. A lot of drugstore brand produce tinted brow mascara, but I choose NYX because it is cheap and the brush is small enough to fit in my thin eyebrow. The Maybelline one has really big brush and the last thing I want from brow mascara is product going all over my eye lid/forehead. So I choose this one. It is affordable, around IDR 110K. I choose shade brunette because I scared that espresso will be too dark for me.


When fist time I got this, I thought that it will be too light, because the liquid in the brush look so light, but after I put it in my eyebrow, It look very natural, and it dries darker so it is perfect as I want it to be. I’m so happy I choose the right shade. The things that bothered me is the smell of this product is very chemically, and the packaging is ridiculous. I mean, look at the packaging, why nyx gives a big box for just one tiny mascara tube? I think they should redesign the packaging for it.

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm


I got the color 205 – Elusive Insaisissable. I fall in LOVE with this lip product. This matte balm is really great. The color is very pretty, soft pink with cool undertone but somehow still look good on me. The texture is so soft, it is a matte balm but it didn’t drying out my lips. It has a minty feeling when I apply it. I think I’m gonna buy some other shades from this line.

Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner

I really want to have a dark navy blue eyeliner, but it not available, so I pick this beautiful jade color liner


It is a waterproof product, so when it sets, it will stay all day long. I love this liner.

Maybelline Color Tattoo


I wanted this cream shadow for a long time, but again, never buy it. And when I want to repurchase my falsies mascara, I decided to buy this cream shadow too. In Indonesian counter only 5 shades available, I don’t like the 4 other shadow, but this bronze one is very pretty. I can use it as a base for other mascara or just use it alone. And this cream shadow is waterproof, kinda hard to clean up, I have to use a oil based makeup remover to clean it.

Maybelline the Falsies Mascara


This is my most favorite mascara ever. End of discussion.

Lancôme Advance Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate


I heard good reviews about this face serum for more than a year but I never buy it because it is very expensive. But I’ve been hating my skin texture for a long time, my face very oily, and look dull and I have rough texture skin. I really want to fix it. I want a healthy looking skin (who doesn’t?). So I do some research in internet and read a few beauty forums and I came of with 2 option between Lancôme Advance Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate OR Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. But I decided to try this one because its easier to find the sample size because, I want to try small size first, I don’t want to spend a lot of money to something that might be not good for my skin or irritating my skin. And Kiehl’s sample size is hard to find in Indonesia, except I asking for it in the counter.

I’ve been using this serum for 3 weeks now and I saw huge improvement on my skin. I feel my skin more supple now and my skin texture is getting better. I use this serum after I apply toner and before apply moisturizer. I love it and will continue use it.

Mavala Double-Lash


I have a very thin and spares lashes and eyebrow. And my lashes and eyebrow is falling out quite a lot lately. I always want to have a fuller looking eyebrow and eyelashes, and I heard a lot of good review about this product, and some compare it to Apotcare Optilash, which is the product that I want to try but it is very expensive, so, yeah, I try the cheaper one.

I’ve been using for 2 weeks now. My lashes and eyebrow is now not falling out anymore and I feel a little improvement. My eyelashes is now a little bit longer but not fuller yet. My eyebrow is a little bit fuller. I will continue use it for about a month and I will give you an update.

That’s it for now. I hope you like it and see you on my next post.



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