New Year Resolution


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Hi Guys..

Happy New Year…

Today is the first day of 2016. New year means new hope, a new chapter of my life is started. 2015 is roller coaster year for me. My Grandma passed away, and it made me really sad, new people come and go in my life, I have a great vacation with my friends, and I lost my job. So, 2015 is very surprising year.

In my 2015 resolutions, I want to achieve a few things, but I didn’t complete all of them. This year, I make another resolutions, and try to make it as a guideline through this year.

So, this is my resolutions:

  1. Be more grateful

Sometimes we count our sadness more than blesses that we got. So, I promise my self to be more grateful for everything that I got and happened to me.

  1. Find a new job (ASAP)

Well, I got no job and bills to pay. I need to find a new job as soon as possible.

  1. Journaling

Since I lost my job, writing is one thing that keeps me sane. So, I think I’m gonna do journaling again like what I did in high school. Besides journaling, I have plan to post a new blog post every week. So, finger cross that I will able to do it.

  1. Read more books

Last year I able to read more than 10 books in 12 months, I hope I will read more this year.

  1. Find boyfriend

Well, my mom is always ask me about boyfriend and really want me to get one soon. And I think this year is a good time. Last year I got involved with wrong guys, so I hope this year I will find the one that right for me (Amen to that).

  1. Be more healthy (more water, vegetable, fruits and work out)

This is my goal every year. I drank more water and ate more fruits, but vegetable, not so much. And I need to do more work out to keep my shape.

  1. Learning English and other language

I know that I make a post mostly in English, but my English, especially my grammar is sucks. I learn English mostly from songs and movie and also Youtube, So, I guess I need to learn more. I started to learn French a few months ago, but I forgot to continue my study, I will learn more French too.


Since I lost my job, I use my saving to the limit now. I need to save more money soon.

  1. Annual trip (Japan or Korea)

Last year, I had a great holiday in Bali with my friends. This year, I really want to go to Japan or South Korea at fall season. So yeah, I need to save more money to pay that trip.

  1. Be a well-known blogger

I really want to be a blogger, by meaning do blogging as my job. I knew  Its sound ridiculous, but I really want to try it. My blog isn’t a specific-themed blog, It is more about things that I like. Makeup, food, my thoughts, fashion, etc.

  1. More makeup

What can I say? I love makeup.

So, that all of my resolutions. I wish everyone a great year ahead. This year is special because it is a leap year, it has 366 days, you got 1 day extra as a bonus, so make sure you use it wisely.

I wish you get what you want, what you need and what you dream of this year. May happiness, health and blessings always be with you.

Have a great 366 days guys…



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