Tip Tuesday: DIY Tinted Moisturizer

Hi Guys..

Today I’m gonna share a short DIY or you can call it tip. Some of you probably knew about COVER FX Custom Cover Drops that you can mix it with your foundation, bb cream or moisturizer, just to give more color or coverage. I got the idea from that product. I’ve been doing this for quite long time but never talk about it. I knew there’re a lot tinted moisturizers that available in the market, but I don’t want spend money on moisturizer that maybe can cause a breakout. So, today I’m gonna tell you how to make a tinted moisturizer.

So, what you need are:

  1. Your favorite moisturizer (cream or gel)
  2. Foundation or concealer (or you can use BB cream if you want)

I use my Wardah Purifying Moisturizer Gel and Maybelline Mineral Concealer. I don’t use this concealer as a concealer anymore because I feel it’s so thick, so I think this is will be great.


I will use only a little bit of moisturizer, just enough amount to cover my face and neck area, and 2 swipe of concealer and than mix it together until I got even color. Apply it to my face and neck area.

Now, I have a tinted moisturizer without spend more money. I prefer to make it every time I want to use it, but you can make it a lot, just put it on a jar and use it anytime you need.

This is my face, before I use the tinted moisturizer, after I use it, and after full makeup on. In the picture you can’t really see the different, but in real life, my skin look more even after I use the tinted moisturizer.

I knew, I have no expression 😀

I’m sorry, my face with no makeup is like “I just wake up from bed”. That’s why I love makeup so much. Makeup make me look more awake and make me more confident with myself.

So, that’s all. I hope you enjoy my short tips, and I will see you on my next post.




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