Beauty Review: kojie•san®

Hi Guys..

Today I’m gonna review the soap that I’ve been using for almost 2 months. It’s kojie•san® Skin Lightening Soap. kojie•san® has 2 different bar soap that available in Indonesia: kojie•san® Skin Lightening Soap and kojie•san® DREAM WHITE Anti-Aging Soap.


I heard about this product from beauty forum where I read a lot of good review about this products, I want to try it but I’m afraid that it gonna make me break out since I have a sensitive skin. One day, I go to a makeup supply store in Mall Ambassador to purchase Mavala product. The lady who own the store gave me and my friend sample of this kojie•san® (the lightening and anti-aging one). She said that this soap is really great, many of her customer purchase it and switch they old facial soap/foam/cleanser to this product. So I think why not, I got it for free. Let’s try it.

The first one that I tried is the Lightening soap one. It came in orange color, smells like orange and produces a lot of foam. When I wash my face with it for the first time, I feel my face so clean but still feel moisturize, It feel milder than my acnes creamy wash that I’ve been using for 3 years. It feel clean but not tight, I personally don’t like face wash that leave a tight feeling on the face because I feel like it take all the natural moisture on my face and make my skin oily faster than usual. This kojie•san® lightening soap didn’t make me break out, and I feel my face is more clear, the acne scars are getting lighter, I’m not so sure if my skin lighter or not, but my dark spot definitely lighter. Like other face bar soap, it tend to melt down quite fast, so if you have big full size one, make sure to cut it in a smaller size so you won’t ruin the whole bar.

That sample size last for almost a month. After I finish the lightening one, I try to use the anti-aging one. It came in white milk color and like the lightening one, it produce a lot of foam. I don’t like the smell of this one. Maybe because the anti-aging one has fragrance on it not like the lightening one that has no fragrance on it. When I wash my face with it for the first time, It feels moisturize but dryer than the lightening one. It’s hard to describe the after feel, I feel my skin supple in the inside, but the surface is dry, so I need to use my hydrating toner after use this variant.

After try both of the 2 variants, I decided to purchase the full size of the kojie•san® Skin Lightening Soap and replace my acnes creamy wash with it. kojie•san® Skin Lightening Soap has 3 different size, 45gr, 65gr and 135gr. I got the 135gr for IDR 38K. It can use for your body and face. I use it only on my face, for body I prefer use liquid soap. Don’t forget to use a good sun block after use this soap.

Some people said that this soap dried out their skin. It didn’t happen to me, maybe because I have an oily skin. If you have dry skin, make sure to use a good mount of moisturizer and sun block after use this soap. If you use it on your body and it make your skin dry, mix some oil in your body lotion/body butter for extra moisture and don’t forget to use sun block before you go out.  kojie•san® has skin care product beside this bar soap, you can visit for more information.

Ok, that all my review, I hope you like it and I hope It gives you some information that you need. I’ll see you on my next post




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