Taste Test: Chitato Indomie Mie Goreng

Hi Guys..

Today I’m gonna talk about the so famous and recently launched, Chitato Indomie Mie Goreng.


If you are live in Indonesia, you must know Chitato and Indomie, 2 major brand in different market.

Chitato is a huge brand of potato chips that has tag line ‘Life is Never Flat’. And Indomie is the most popular instant noodle here, in Indonesia. Especially, the Mie Goreng variant.

Chitato and Indomie both has a lot of variant, but recently they did collaboration and create Chitato Indomie mie goreng, they both are under the same company which is Indofood.


Since announced in January by Axton Salim, Director of Indofood, in his personal twitter account, people getting crazy and can’t wait for this wavy potato chip to launch. And now the wait is finally over. Chitato Indomie Mie goreng finally distributed couple days ago. I got mine in Indomaret and it cost IDR 8000.

Let’s talk about the chips.

close enough huh??

The packaging made pretty similar with the original Indomie mie goreng. I’m sorry the picture of indomie that I included is the jumbo version, but the original one has the same design.

When the first time I open the chip, I inhale deeply so I can capture the smell of it. It smells like the onion oil that comes in the Indomie mie goreng. If you familiar with Indomie mie goreng, you knew what I mean.

When the first time I take a bite, I can taste a hint of chili and it isn’t as salty as the other variant of chitato,  and also it has a slight sweet taste. Maybe to mimic the taste of sweet soy sauce of the mie goreng.

I think this Chitato variant is pretty good. I like it. But the chitato beef barbecue is still my most favorite one. If you curious about this chips, try it. It’s cheap and taste good.

OK, that’s all for today. See you on my next post.



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