Lipstick Collections

Hi Guys…

Today I’m gonna show you my lipstick collections. I really want to post this a while ago, but It always raining here in the place where I live. I need a good sunshine to make good picture because I don’t have any camera other than my phone camera, and phone camera works well in daylight. Finally, yesterday the sun shining beautifully, so I’m able to take some swatches pictures.

I don’t have a huge collection of lipsticks. I don’t have hundreds of lipsticks. I only have a small number for every brand that I have. But, If some people see my collection, some of them will think “That is too much lipsticks for only one lip”.

all off my lipsticks collection

I love lipstick more than I love foundation or eye shadow. My must have beauty product is a brow pencil, because I don’t have eye brows. But, my most favorite beauty product is lipstick. Lipstick is make ‘a look’ complete. Lipstick is the easiest beauty product to apply. You don’t have to learn how to apply lipstick. Almost everybody can do that. And we can change our lip color every minute if we want to without having hard time apply it.

I’m gonna sort it by brand, so, here we go…


I have 4 lipsticks from Revlon, all of them are my favorites and I keep reaching for Revlon lipsticks more than any other lipsticks that I have.

L-R: Colorburst matte balm in “205 Elusive Insaisissable” – Colorburst Lipstick in “065 Rosy Nude” – Super Lustrous Lipstick in “131 Ginger Rose” – Colorstay Ultimate Suede in “080 Fashionista”

I love Ginger Rose so much, it is the lipstick that I use every single day, and match with every eye look. It also the cheapest lipstick in my Revlon collection. Besides Ginger rose, I also love Fashionista. It is the newest addition in my collection. The color is brick red, which is not very special, but I love the formula. It dry matte, so the first time you apply to your lips, it feels like you put on lip balm on your lips, it is quite sheer and glossy but you can build up the product to get the opacity that you want. Wait about 10 – 15 minutes, and it will dry matte, completely matte, but it didn’t dry your lips. It is comfortable to wear and stay very long time. If you ate something oily, it will fade just a little bit, but it easy to  touch up because of the formula.

And here are the lips swatches:


NYX is one of my most favorite brand, the have a great formula, great color selection, and quite affordable.

L-R: Matte lipstick in”Sierra” – Creamy Lipstick in “Tea Rose” – Soft Matte Lip Cream in “Antwerp”, “San Paulo”, “Amsterdam”, and “Monte Carlo”

My most favorite one is the matte lipstick Sierra and the soft matte lip cream Antwerp. The matte lipstick and the soft matte lip cream are a little bit drying on the lips, the staying power is not that good, although the lip cream is wear longer than the lipstick one. The creamy lipstick is good, the color is pretty, fade out so fast, other than that there nothing special about it.

And here are the lips swatches:


Wardah is a local brand, I love their skincare so much, and their makeup line wasn’t bad either. I only have 3 shades and all matte finish. I used to have the creamy one, but I lost it. The formula is super matte and a little bit drying on my lips, I need to apply lip balm before apply this lipsticks. If my lips are totally dry, I feel like the products didn’t glide well because it is super matte. The colors are super pretty and stay quite long on my lips, except if I eat something oily, and it will fade out.

L-R: 03 Simply Brown – 07 Raspberry Hip – 09 Vibrant Red

And here are the lips swatches:


Bourjois is a great brand, I love their cc cream, I have their intensive eyeshadow that I got from my mom that maybe as old as I am but still in best condition and I love it so much. Their blushes are great, the eye shadow trio are super gorgeous, but I have quite bad experience with their lips product. I only have 3 different lip products, well I have 4 before, but I gave the pink one to my friend, but I already swatch it that you can see here.

L-R: Color Boost Glossy Finish Lipstick in “01 Red Sunrise” – 3D Effect Lip Gloss in “06 Rouge Democratic” – Rouge Edition Velvet in “03 Hot Pepper”

And here are the lips swatches:

The Color Boost Glossy Finish Lipstick is comes in chubby stick form. I feel nothing special about this lip product according to the money I spent to purchase it. I thing Revlon did better job with cheaper price. A formula, I like it, it did’t dry out my lips, it is very oily, I prefer to take the oil using tissue and leave the stain on the lips.

The 3D lip gloss is so weird in my lips. I think someone with smaller lips will rock this kind of lip product. My lips are big, an the way the lip gloss reflect the light make my lips look so full in weird way, and I don’t like the texture either, it is so sticky, like a gel consistency. This clearly not for me.

The Rouge Edition Velvet matte finish, as a color, I love it so much, the formula not too great, a little bit sticky, but I can work with it, the applicator is great. BUT, the smell of this lip product is awful. Smells like chemical, it’s like I put an ink or something toxic on my lips. Why Bourjois, Why?? my polka matteness lip lacquer didn’t have scent on it, my nyx lip cream smells like cupcake, why you smell like a poison??

Wet n Wild

I bought wet n wild lipstick as a dupe of MAC lipstick that I really want. I will said that it is dupe as color, but as formula wise, it is not. I don’t have a MAC lipstick, but I tried my mom’s, and it is completely different formula. The wet n wild one is a little bit hard and streaky while apply, but in term of color, it is pretty similar.

L-R: Cherry Bomb – Vamp it up

*I don’t know if you can see it or not, but in the middle of the 2 swatches, there’s a lips stain that I can’r remove completely. It is a stain from the green tube lipstick that I will show you after this*

And here are the lips swatches:

All solo lipsticks

This are compilations of the lipsticks that have. I only have one in every brand, so I decided to compile it in one section

L – R: Make Over Creamy Lust Lipstick in “09 Clover Haze” – Sari Ayu Merak Kasmaran in “02” – Hare Lipstick “33” *the green tube lipstick* – Maybelline Color Sensational in ” Red Revival” – Polka Matteness Lip Lacquer “Get in The Swing”

And here are the lips swatches:

I don’t know why I only have one maybelline liptick, maybelline made the best lipstick formula in the drugstore area. The red revival is my first red lipstick. I remember the day I purchased this lipstick. I came to the counter and talked to the BA that I want a red lipstick that suits my skin tone. She recommend me this shade and I love it. this is a deep red and look good on medium skin tone.

Make Over Clover haze is my most favorite nude color, and is the second most use after ginger rose by Revlon. The color is pretty similar with my own lips, deeper than the ginger rose one.and has a hint of plum on it while the ginger rose is more peachy pink.

The polka matteness lip lacquer Get in the swing is pretty, the applicator is great, it is a little bit stickier than the Bourjois one but I’m OK with that. It has no scent, which is great. It hard to remove, you need use a very good makeup remover or use some oil to rub off the product from your lips. It is long lasting on the lips, but if it fade out, it kinda hard to touch up without remove all the product, because it will look uneven and clumpy.

I only swatch 3 shades, The Sari Ayu one, you can see here. And for the green tube one, I can swatch it for now, I will update this post after I did lip swatch on it.


The reason I can’t use this lipstick is because my lips is stained so bad from lip swatching all this lipstick. This green tube lipstick is called Hare, you can google it and order it from amazon or ebay, just use keyword HARE Moroccan Magic lipstick. Why it is a magic? As you can see, the lipstick is really green on the tube, but it is a color changing lipstick. After you apply it on your lips, it will turn PINK. every person has different pink result, depend on the chemistry or body temperature of the wearer. It leave stain on your lips and stay very long. I can’t remove it without a good quality makeup remover. I knew this lipsticks for decades, my grandma use this lipstick for years. The negative side of this lipstick, it is dry on the lips, this isn’t my favorite, the the pink shade that appear on my lips isn’t my favorite either. I prefer use it as a base for my pink lipstick. Btw, you can read about this lipstick here.

The Body Shop

This is the body shop lip liner in the shade “Mauve Berry”, it is not a lipstick, but I decided to include it in this post. I’m sorry I forgot to lip swatch it, but I love this lip liner so much. I only have one lip liner, I use is as a base for my nude and also for my red lipsticks. And sometimes, I use it as it is. It’s really pretty.

OK guys, that all my lip products collection. I’m pretty sure that my collection will get bigger from time to time, so I will update you guys again later. Thank you for visiting my blog, and I will see you on my next post.





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