First Impression: Mylanta as a primer?!

Mylanta? Primer? What?!

Holla guys…

Today I am gonna tell you my experience/first impression using Mylanta as primer. The idea is from Philips milk of magnesia that use by so many people to control oil face and get matte face all day long. But since Philips milk of magnesia wasn’t available here in Indonesia, I have to looking for an alternative.

There are some on-line shops that sell milk of magnesia, but the price is a little bit high, and I don’t want to spend too much money on this kind of situation, so I buy Mylanta instead. Mylanta is easier to find. You can find it on mini market, supermarket, drugstore, or pharmacies. I bought the smallest bottle for IDR 13.000 (less that $1) at minimarket near my house.

I have face with oily skin. Usually foundation won’t last more than 2 hours. After 2 hours my face looks so shiny and greasy, and my foundation will fade away. My goal of this experiment is to see if Mylanta can really work to keep my face shine free longer than usual.

Ingredient of Mylanta compare to Philips Milk of Magnesia

Philips MoM

philips MOM

Each mL of suspension contains 80 mg of magnesium hydroxide

Nonmedicinal ingredients: carboxymethylcellulose, cherry flavour (cherry only), citric acid, D&C Red No. 28 (cherry only), ethanol, glycerin, menthol, microcrystalline cellulose, mineral oil, peppermint flavouring (mint only), sodium saccharin, sodium citrate, sodium hypochlorite, sucrose, water, and xanthan gum.



Per 5mL of suspensions contain: Aluminum hydroxide 200mg, magnesium hydroxide 200mg, simethicone 20mg

Mylanta usually use as antacid, and Philips MoM use as laxative and heart burn. Basically both of them are medicine. They both have similar active ingredient which is Magnesium Hydroxide.

How to use mylanta as primer:

  1. Make sure you clean your face before applying Mylanta on your face
  2. Shake the bottle so the liquid will mix well.
  3. Apply the liquid into your face. You can use your finger, cotton pad, or brush
  4. Let it dries. It will feel a little bit tight and also will turn white. Don’t freak out.
  5. Apply your foundation or BB cream as usual, the white parts will covered by foundation.
  6. Do the rest of your makeup.

Here is my experience:

I applied mylanta in my face around 7.30 a.m

I finish my foundation around 8.00 and finish the rest of my make up and ready to go at 9.00 am. I did set my foundation and concealer with powder because I always do that, and I hate sticky feeling of the foundation.

09.00 – right after applying my makeup


12.30 – 2.5 hours after finish my makeup done, the humidity is pretty high, it’s raining outside. I use no filter at all, just a snap on my snapchat


12.57 – almost 3 hours after my makeup done, makeup still look good, no oily face. Happy with the result so far. A good selfie with my best friend.


15.46 – Almost 7 hours after my makeup done. My face starts shiny. I’ve running around, change place to place, in and out building, walk under small rain, under bright sun light, and from hot air outside to cold air conditioned mall. My face starts oily after 6 hours. Before that, my face look matte to dewy but not oily at all.


16.41 – I blot my face. As you can see, the oil definitely there.


18.10 – I blot my face again. I think the Mylanta effect wore off.


20.31 – I got home, my face completely oily. My foundation is still there, my blush and bronzer faded away. I’m sorry I forgot to take a picture. I just too tired and wash my face immediately.


Mylanta can protect your face from oil up to 5 – 6 hours. It didn’t cause any break out (thank God). Honestly, I can’t compare Mylanta to Philips MoM because I never try Milk of Magnesia before. I love the result. I definitely will use it again, because holding oil for 5 – 6 hours is pretty amazing.  It’s make my makeup a little bit cakey. Maybe because I apply it too much. I don’t know. I need to try it again very soon.

Ok, that’s it for today’s first impression. I hope it helps you that trying to find a good primer for oily skin. Thank you for visiting my blog. I will see you on my next post.



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