Let’s Eat: Seminyak

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For you who follow me on social media might knew that I went to Bali last month. This trip is my first solo trip. Well, it’s not supposed to a solo trip, but my dear partner canceled his trip last minute, so I go alone. I was so angry with that person (still a bit disappointed until now), because I already make list to visit a lot of places in Bali. Since I’m alone, have no ability to drive a car or scooter, I decided to make culinary trip around Seminyak and Denpasar only.

When I was in Bali, I go everywhere using online transportation like Go-Jek & Grab Bike (online scooter taxi) and also Grab Car (online taxi just like Uber), but mostly using Grab Bike. I find Grab Bike and Grab Car units available a lot more than Uber in Bali and they are pretty cheap. From Ngurah Rai International Airport to Horison Legian using Grab Car, I only paid around IDR 32K (around US$ 2.5). I bet it will cost more using taxi. For Grab Bike  I paid around IDR 8 – 12K (US$ 0.7 – US$ 1) per trip *Denpasar and Seminyak only*. It will cost more if you travel farther.

Ok, enough yapping, let’s talk about food, shall we?

NASI PEDAS BU ANDIKA – Near Joger Denpasar

If you love spicy food, by spicy I mean “Indonesian” spicy with a lot of chili sambal on it, you have to try to eat in this Warung. I rarely find international tourist in this warung, mostly local tourist that eat here. It’s just traditional Indonesian food with delicious super spicy sambal. Basically, you came to the Warung, and the waiter will ask you you will eat there or take away, and then they will take some rice, and you pick the topping. My favorite one are chicken opor, crunchy fried chicken intestine or skin *don’t worry, it cleaned*, and a lot of sambal. I usually order cold still water to soothe the burning sensation from sambal. It tastes really good. I always visit Nasi Pedas Bu Andika every time I came to Bali.


SISTERFIELDS – In Front of Seminyak Village

This is one of the most happening cafe/restaurant in Seminyak area. Usually there’s waiting list to get seated. I go there twice but luckily I didn’t need to wait. Make sure you didn’t came at lunch/dinner hour, because it will full. I go there around 2.30 pm and get seated immediately. If came at noon and you are not a smoker, better to get inside seat, because Bali is really hot. But if you came at night, outside seems fine.

First time I has late lunch there with my best friend, Yoshi, that lived in Bali. We order Spicy Salmon Tartare for me, and Bacon & Egg Roll for Yoshi. We also order whole fresh coconut. They served their whole coconut cold, so it’s so refreshing. All food taste good. Price not too expensive because the portion is quite big *depend on what you order*. I love my salmon tartare so much even though the portion is smaller than I expected.

Bacon & Egg Roll
Spicy Salmon Tartare

Second time I went to sisterfields is my last day in Bali. I order Sisterfields Dirty Burger, cost me IDR 100K but worth every penny. It’s huge, and taste great, and of course I order whole coconut again, it’s my favorite drink in Bali.


Oh, I forgot to mention that this restaurant will gave you a glass of water for free. So, if you want to enjoy food in this place but want to cut your budget a bit, you can skip order the drink.

GUSTO GELATO – Kerobokan

Gusto gelato is one of the most crowded place I’ve ever visit. They have a lot of variant you can choose. Price very affordable. IDR 22K for 2 scoops in small cup, IDR 42K for 3 flavor in medium cup, etc.

I tried their Mascarpone and Matcha flavor. I love both of them, I still can taste the bitterness of the macha, which is I like. I will visit them again if I go to Bali.


MONSIEUR SPOON – In Front of Seminyak Village

I came to these place 4x in a row. That show you how much I love this place. They have 5 outlets, but I only visit at Seminyak one. The place is small, more grab and go kinda place, but I love spend hours there.

They serve you coffee, sandwich & juice (until certain hour), and of course cake. I love their cakes. My favorite one is Royal Monsieur Spoon and Mint Macarons. Royal Monsieur Spoon tastes like milk chocolate in form of cake. And the mint macarons is not too sweet which is perfect.

Almond Cake
Royal Spoon & Mint Macarons
Mini Strawberry Tart & Mint Macaroons


There’s 3 outlets of Nasi Ayam Kadewatan in Bali, in Ubud, Denpasar and Seminyak. I visited one in Seminyak are, located near the famous Motel Mexicola. This is more traditional Bali cuisine. This restaurant only serve one menu, nasi ayam campur (mix like in the picture) or pisah (separate all the topping from rice). Price is very affordable. 1 portion of nasi campur and a glass of orange juice only IDR 55K



If you love spicy food and seafood, you have to try this restaurant. Warung subak has 3 outlets in Bali. I tried the one in Denpasar, located just across Krisna. If you want to eat seafood but don’t want to go to crowded Jimbaran area, just try this restaurant. But, be careful, It’s so spicy. I love their grill clam so much.

Packet L


One of most favorite restaurant I visited in Bali. I discover this restaurant because their Instagram account like one of picture in my Instagram, and when I open their account I feel interested and decided to gave them a visit.

They are open at 6.00 p.m – 11.45 pm. I’m not a big eater, so I only order Pipi Sapi Rujak and a glass of beer. Pipi Sapi mean Cheek of Cow. They will serve you 2 piece of super tender and delicious beef cheek with cabbage and green sauce (I don’t know it made from). Price a bit up there, but in my opinion it worth every penny. I love every bite I took. This place great for family dinner or romantic dinner. Or like me, a good time with yourself.

You should visit this restaurant if you are in Bali. For more info and reservation you can click here

Pipi Sapi Rujak

Btw, if you want to use Grab Bike or Grab Car in Bali, you can use this link to download it, and get IDR 30K first time user.

Thank you for stopping by, see you on my next post