IDR 100K ($7.5)/week Challenge

Hi Guys,

Like any other people, I’m trying to save money. I have a few goals that I want to achieved, and also I want to travel more often.

Living nowadays, everything are expensive. I got paid US$ 3,2/hour or around US$ 500/month. For some people that is a lot, for some it’s small amount. For me, it’s somewhere in between.

My biggest expenses are credit card bills, transportation, and food. Also another bill like internet and cellphone. Sometimes I can save some money, sometimes it’s not enough.

So, I tried to challenge myself to use money as minimal as possible for 1 week (5 days). I got inspiration from Tries Living On Only $50 For One Week – Try Living With Lucie from Refinery29. Since I already paid for my monthly transportation, my spending will more focus on food, because food sometimes can be expensive and add up quickly. And instead of $50 (IDR 665K), I will try to only spend IDR 100K ($7.5) for one week.

Can I do it? Let’s see.


Day #1

Morning: I usually buy something for breakfast but I decided to eat whatever food available in my office pantry to save some money. Expense: IDR 0

Lunch Time: My office mate suddenly has craving for fast food. I try to order the cheapest menu. Expense: IDR 24.150

Night: Heavy traffic makes me super hungry, and I came home very late so I have no time to cook and decides to buy food. Expense: IDR 23.000

Total Expenses: IDR 47.150

Day #2

Morning: I woke up very hungry (I don’t know why), so I bought a little tuna mayo sandwich, and also I forgot to take my drink bottle. Expense: IDR 7.000

Lunch Time: Because I already spent a lot of money yesterday, I decided to eat in very minimal price. Expense: IDR 8.000

Night: I have an appointment with my best friends at Mc Donald, Usually I will buy everything I want, but, since I’m on a budget, I only order fries. Expense: IDR 15.000

Total Expenses: IDR 30.000

Day #3

Morning: I realize I run out of body wash, and don’t want to spend any money on it becasue I almost run out money. Luckily, I have some shower gel I collected from hotels. So, I don’t have to spend any money. For breakfast, I eat instant noodle that I found in my office pantry. Expense: IDR 0

Lunch Time: I add chicken to my lunch menu today because I need more protein, since I already eat instant noodle full of carbohydrate this morning.  Expense: IDR 12.000

Night: I came home very late, have no time to eat and very sleepy. So, no food tonight. Expense: IDR 0

Total Expenses: IDR 12.000

Day #4

I only have IDR 10.850 in my hand this morning. So I already know that I failed this challenge. But, I still want to know how much money exactly I spend this week to get better budgeting next week.

Morning: Since I don’t eat anything last night, I feel so hungry this morning. I decided to buy fried tofu. Expense: IDR 10.000 (I have spend all my money)

Lunch Time: Another distraction, me and my friend eat in our favorite place, that’s hard not to spend a lot of money.  Expense: IDR 37.000

Night: I came home very late again, have no time to eat and very sleepy. So, no food again tonight. Expense: IDR 0

Total Expenses: IDR 47.000

Day #5

I already over budget IDR 26.200. And today is Good Friday, which is a holiday. I rarely eat when I stay at home all day.

Morning: I woke up a little bit late, and really craving for vegetable, but there’s no vegetable on the fridge, so I decided to buy Gado-Gado (mix vegetable with peanut sauce) for breakfast. Expense: IDR 11.000

Lunch Time: I still full, so decided not to eat lunch.

Night: I cook tonight meal, some eggs and chicken strip, anything available in the fridge.

Total Expenses: IDR 11.000

So, for this week. I spent 47.150 + 30.000 + 12000 + 47.000 +11.000 = IDR 147.000

By doing this challenge, even though I fail, I can see how much money I ideally spend for one week. I think IDR 150.000 ($11,50)/week is pretty good.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I will see you on my next post.



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